Project Monitoring : Work For One Of Leading Auditing And Consultancy Firm

Project Monitoring : Work For One Of Leading Auditing And Consultancy Firm

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I have been fortunate enough to work for one of leading auditing and consultancy firm in the world, KPMG. While working for KPMG I realized that the organization had streamed line process for everything which is supported by technology and innovation, to make the processes efficient and consistent. However, I noticed a process where KPMG still needed innovation and technology was project monitoring. Consultants and Managers at KPMG spend eight to ten hours every week, creating client status updates and communicating project status with the clients and amongst themselves. This would consume, twenty percent of the consultant’s weekly chargeable time.

At present, the project monitoring is carried out in the trivial way, through emails and phone calls. The status update is made on the PowerPoint, sent for review to the project manager and if required its reworked on by the consultants, else, sent to the client. The entire process of project monitoring has lot of redundant steps. For example, once the project plan is made, there should be no need for creating a status update. Since the same the project plan, can be mapped to the current status of the project. This would save a lot of chargeable time of the consultant and thus be economically beneficial to the organization and the client. Use of technology for project monitoring will be beneficial towards future learning, for the efficient management of future projects. The results and reports generated at the end of project will not only help the current project manager but also other project managers. This will create sharing of knowledge and learning among project managers and will thus create a knowledge-intensive community. A knowledge-intensive community is a community where a la...

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...oject monitoring and implementation. Consultants would not require to spend time on unnecessary project status update and other activities of project management, the same time could be utilized in improving the quality of deliverable and thus lead to better client satisfaction. Use of Microsoft Project will help KPMG in effective and efficient management of projects and keep track of every minute detail.
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