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If I was assigned to run the CSM’s re-design website project, first, I will talk to the project sponsors (board members and faculties and stakeholders) to develop this re-designing project’s charter, and set other details with them such as time and budget of this project. Based on the time, budget, and amount of required work, I will develop a project team below.
- Project management
- Usability and information architect team
- Design team
- Web developing team
- Site editing team
First, project managers who will be in charge of project planning, communication, budgeting, and scheduling. Basically, my project manager will be responsible to keep the project, team members, and the outcomes on tract. The project manager will be continuously communicating with the school to make sure our project and the re-designing goal are on the same page. Also, the project manager will be checking on each team that they are following the strategy and guidelines for the project. The project manager will deliver the details of our strategy, technology requirements, and concept of this project, and our resources to each team.
For this project manager position, I would want someone who is very responsible and reliable. Since other team members are focused on their parts’ tasks and timelines, I want my project manager to see the big picture of the project, and see the flow. The project manager has to be sensitive about the schedules and communication among the teams. Also, the project manager should be a very organized person. There is so much information that the project manager has to keep track. Since all the teams need to work very closely, and one’s issue can cause problems to other teams, the project manager need to see the issues pr...

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... tasks. If one part could not finish theirs, the other parts would not be able to complete theirs. Or, if one person delivers his/her part late, it will delay the whole process. Therefore, I will need all my team members to be responsible for their works, and follow the given schedule and guidelines very carefully. Second, I need my team to communicate well. Again, every team member needs to work close to the others. If there is any misunderstanding among the team members, we won’t be able to see a finished website at the end. So they need to work with each other well like they are one body. A good communication will bring more effective result, and more efficient process.

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