Project Manager For A 4g Core Network Integration Project Essay

Project Manager For A 4g Core Network Integration Project Essay

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I have been a customer project manager in a multinational telecommunications corporation in China, which offers services, software and infrastructure for telecom operators. Last October, I was assigned as the project manager for a 4G core-network integration project, which would introduce cutting-edge technology involving twelve products and relevant software to a new customer account. The target of the project was to meet the customer’s requirements within contracted time and approved budget. Moreover, the sales department hoped this project could bring new business opportunities to expand the market.
The project faced a volatile, uncertain and complex environment. On the market side, we were not familiar with the new customer’s ways of work, and two strong competitors who had cooperated with the customer kept trying to replace us. On the technical side, the project required a number of competent engineers who can work dynamically and creatively due to the immature solutions. On the operational side, all members would be assigned by line managers from different product areas, instead of being selected by the project manager. Worse yet, the company initiated an internal cost-saving program, and all the departments would face restructuring and around 25 percent layoffs by the end of the year. In view of these challenges, I applied the transformational leadership styles to lead the team towards accomplishing business goals, in addition to traditional project management methods.
First, I made all members aware of the strategic meaning of their work for both the project and the organisation, and the importance of their high performance for the goal attainment. I personally greeted every team member when they came to the project, and ...

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...ism and invited some experts to give technical trainings, which provided members with opportunities to develop the expertise. Through the project, many members showed great enthusiasm and loyalty. Even after leaving the project, they remained in the contact group to follow the progress, participated in technical discussions and gave remote supports. The employees may think that they are treated fairly, and are more likely to put forward their own opinions in order to promote the development of the company.
Transformational leadership style helped me have a satisfactory work in this organisation. The entire project team showed high morale and the project performance satisfied all parties. The customer sang high praise to our professional service. The account team won new expansion contracts. The members were also inspired and felt a sense of achievement and growth.

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