Project Management Process And Design Management Essay

Project Management Process And Design Management Essay

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1. Definition of Project Management.
Project is a temporary attempt to achieve a goal with a start and an end. The output of the project can be a product or a service.
Project management is a protocol which follows a systematic approach to create a result. There are two methodologies to complete a project: one is a project life cycle to complete the work and the other is project management process to manage the project. The project management process includes the initiating, planning, monitoring and controlling. Project life cycle might have one or more phases depending on the project type (large or a small project). Each phase of a project life cycle has its own set of the project management process.
There is a central body called project management office manages the group of projects with policies, methodologies and templates. Also, provides support and guidance to the project team on tools and techniques. Every team member in a team has their roles and responsibilities, project manager plays a key role to accomplish the project objectives which are defined in a...

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