Project Management Planning, Scheduling, And Implementation Of A Project

Project Management Planning, Scheduling, And Implementation Of A Project

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Project management planning, scheduling, controlling and implementation can be a difficult and challenging task. This is because a project involves many organizations and stakeholders whose interests and needs should be adequately addressed. Failure to address such issues among various stakeholders and interested parties can create conflicts. However, the method and strategy of resolving such conflicts will determine the sub sequent success of the project. Therefore, project managers need to learn appropriate and effective conflict resolution methods and techniques to employ during planning and implementation of a project (Borisoff & Victor, 1989).
The purpose of this paper is to identify a particular problem causing conflicts in a project and to how to resolve it’. This will be achieved according to the guideline below;
a. Problem statement
b. Effect/impact of the problem on the project
c. Conflict mitigations
The following are the sources of conflicts in project management;
o Disagreements over communication methods
o Failure or cancellation of a project
o Management style
o Changes in project schedules
o Disputes over methods of managing a project
o Different interests of stakeholders
o Disagreements with vendors
Breakdown in communication is the o, most common and most obvious source of conflict in majority of projects worldwide. This has been further facilitated by lack of trust, respect, effective listening skill which has contributed to serious communication problems. These communication problems eventually result in failure to perform as instructed, misinterpretation of designs or drawings, or clearly misunderstood change orders delays in delivery of critical components (Vilchis, Tovar & Flores, 2012).

... middle of paper ... stakeholders and other interested groups. For example, the conflict arising from the implementation of bus rapid transport system was resolved mainly through consensus (Tariq & Khan, 2012). To facilitate consensus, various models are used. They include;
• Butler model
• Tree bressen model
• Canadian roundtable model
• Susskind model
Agreements should be reached through a set structures and techniques using a specific decision making process. Consensus is never a single process but rather circumstances, needs and interests of each situation should be carefully examined and considered. (Kerzner, 2009)
Project managers and their teams must also develop effective communication skills to resolve project conflicts. They must learn to create a work environment that encourages open communication in order to deal with conflict and gain team members’ acceptance.

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