Project Management Plan For A Communication Plan Essay

Project Management Plan For A Communication Plan Essay

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Organizing the project communication plan supports the project team in recognizing internal and external stakeholders and improves communication among all members involved in the project. The project manager leads the project development team to organize a communication plan to make sure that an effective communication strategy is put up into the project delivery process. The plan is a structure and should be an active, growing document that can be reviewed when appropriate. The communication plan is a part of the project management plan. It starts with sections that enlist the members for the project, planning on how to communicate the information, information gathering, and the communication methods in use. But the main part of the communication plan is a matrix that shows how to plan to communicate information to each member of the project.
The project development team (PDT) develops a communication plan based on the below requirements.
 Information required by the members of the project
 Reason for the required information
 Deliverer of the information
 Source of delivery of the information
The PDT develops two features for the project communication planning process:
a. WBS product list — a list of prospective project products, the elements of the WBS, and the sub-products of the WBS.
b. Project charter — the archive of the agreement between the sponsor and the project manager on the vital elements of the project. The project charter enlists the manager, sponsor and the team of project development.
Project stakeholders have requirements for information and communication. Recognizing the information requirements of the stakeholders and describing an appropriate way of gathering those requirements are significant features fo...

... middle of paper ...

...mance recognition factor at the achievement of each project component.
• Communication matrix- track project performance by project component and WBS element. It comprises of WBS codes, WBS titles, sub-products, and Uniform Filing System location numbers. It also includes the location where sub-products are filed in the Project History File (PHF). A finished communication matrix consists of information about producer, receiver, transmittal method and submitted date. The below project components are taken up by each team member to draft the project communication plan.
• Project Initiation Document (PID)
• Permits and Environmental Studies
• Plans, Specifications, and Estimates (PS&E)
• Right of Way
• Construction
A communication plan assists operative and well-organized communications with the several members of the project having a major contribution in the project.

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