Project Management Issues in Construction Sites Environment Essay

Project Management Issues in Construction Sites Environment Essay

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The main purpose of this research is to investigate project management issues in construction sites environment, to recognize which issues are more vital for overall success of any construction project or vice versa and to suggest recommendations for improvement of the performance of all the parties involved in the construction projects. The study is mainly focused on Pakistan, a developing country in South Asia and the research seems to be focused on construction projects management, however, it can be helpful for other sectors of project management as well. The paper results in valuable lessons for both researchers and practitioners in the field of project management to improve their performance. The overall results of the study revealed that most of the issues can be considered as managerial issues. Excessive change orders, cost escalation, severe overtime, inclement weather, material shortage and slow government permits were rated as having very high occurrence. It can be explained that large construction projects are being poorly managed in Pakistan. Effective construction management at corporate, process, project, and activity levels should be introduced to professionals to enhance construction industry performance in the country.


The purpose of this research was to investigate the project management issues in construction projects in Pakistan in order to recognize which issues are more vital for the overall success of any construction project and to suggest recommendations for improvements in the field. More and more organizations are shifting towards project organizations in Pakistan, thus creating a need to understand the factors that lead to effective project management or vice versa...

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