Project Management Framework : Project Development Framework Essay

Project Management Framework : Project Development Framework Essay

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Project Management Framework
Project management framework document defines the processes that are performed throughout the life of the project to ensure the project management policy is adhered to.
Needs for a framework:
The Project Management Institute defines a project as “a temporary attempt undertaken to create a unique product, services or results” (Project Management Institute 2004, 3). This definition clearly justifies the complications and probes exist, especially within the context of a local environment. While the project is started the project management needs to understand the objective methodologies that will support to identifying, classifying, documenting, of IT project. There are three primary factors that significantly support the Project management framework. They are:
1. Project Roles and Responsibilities
2. Project Life Cycle
3. Project Classification
Project Roles and Responsibilities
In the first component of the Project Management Framework is to establish the roles and responsibilities of the persons those who are participating in the project development process.
Project Manager:
Project Manager is responsible for all the aspects of the delivery of the solutions and he also responsible for managing and utilizing the resources in an efficient manner. PM must coordinate with every team member and also with higher management level. PM plays a vital role throughout the duration of the project.
• Managing and leading the project team.
• Recruiting project staff and consultants
• Developing and maintaining a detailed project plan.
• Resolving cross-functional issues at project level
• Monitoring project progress and performance
• Providing status reports to the project sponsor


... middle of paper ... a subset of the questions on the complexity model, calculation is based on the response of 25 of the 30 question that are involved into the model. The project asks questions about the cost, schedule, user involvement, data conversion, previous experience, and commitment level of the team. Every feedback will convey an argument and the total significance regulates the project complication.
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