Project Management : Company And A Startup Company Essay

Project Management : Company And A Startup Company Essay

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There is an immense difference in project management between a large traditional organization, a technology company and a startup. To begin with, project management practice in a traditional company is superlative, well-defined and show a sustained approach. They have a balanced strong metrics and internal communities to maintain personalized methodologies and tools to achieve project deliverables. However, in a large technology company project management is complicated as the business needs keep changing with the demanding stakeholders from traditional organization. Project management in an IT organization ensures that a factual technology is applied to provide a direct solution to the organization. Also, management is well planned with the appropriate consideration given to schedule, risk, resource and quality management. Unlike in larger organizations, a startup company has a creative disruption and not a well-established i.e. informal business management approach. They have a highest priority of adapting to changes based on the requirements such that actor’s roles are often changed with the focus on sale with product delivery.
Project Management in Large Traditional Companies
These companies are mostly involved in plant construction, public administration, building trades and defense which have the lowest levels of uncertainty and have a need for predictability. They maintain a strict and hierarchical structure with formally delineated responsibilities, well-defined processes and procedures to which they adhere to. Since decades, they are so dependent on project management that they are using its indispensable methods for reaching their goals. Before the beginning of any project, components of a project are segregated and assi...

... middle of paper ...

...ts required at the beginning of the project life cycle.
Three different forms of organizations/companies are considered and their advantages and disadvantages are described above. Traditional organizations techniques have proven to work for most the domains and environments. As they use orthodox techniques and tools for managing projects and problem solving. Their techniques have been proven for decades and hence the outcome of such techniques are predicted accurately. Whereas a technology company has a reduced power struggle and has a weakness in poor control of its functional areas. Projects in technology company are prone to project inflammation; in a small startup project planning is not done all at once and there are no set rules and procedures. Hence, team members have to work autonomously and grab things off the list as and when they complete tasks.

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