Project Management : An Art And Science Essay

Project Management : An Art And Science Essay

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1 Introduction
Project management in project success is one topic that can be called as an art and science. Many of the papers date back several decades and even the fresher ones are not able to comprehensively and simply answer the question what makes successful project management and how to measure project success in overall. There are several factors that need to take into account and seems there are almost as many answers as there are opinions.

In this paper I have focused more on the effects of project management on project success on the changing field as the world is more digitalised as before. Many of the researches are done before this time and although the theory is similar in most parts, this change will demand more from the project management to be able to manage the project successfully till the end. With digitalisation the amount of data has increased exponentially with the technical requirements for the management. Therefore the social side of leadership may be lost in translation, especially if the project management is done more using the digital channels instead of face-to-face approach. Via phone, email and distance between, mixed with possible cultural differences, managing the projects is more complex and many actions of the technical side may need to be outsourced.

The e-commerce industry is growing as fast as 30% a year and the predictions are saying that the industry will reach $1.6 trillion in sales by the end of 2015. This means that new e-commerce solutions are delivered by the thousands to merchants around the globe and as with any fast-growing industry, the quality of e-commerce sites and competition is getting stronger by the day.

2 Defining project management in order to chase the success


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...orris and Pinto (2007, pp. 226). Morris and Pinto (2007, pp. 236) says that the art and science of project management is to advance and then practice actions that lead to the success over the ones that lead to failure. According to Barkley and Saylor (2001, pp. 2) bad communication is one of the reasons for project failure and absence of collaboration.

Even companies with a proven track record on project success still can fail on other projects. Having a competent project manager does not automatically mean that every project would be a success either. There are no guarantees, but there are measures that can be taken into action to minimize the probability of a failure. Atkinson (1999) points out that only looking the errors is not the most efficient way to prevent project failure, but learning from it if error is made and improve the future processes or projects.

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