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Project Management : A Program Essay example

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Project management is a discipline based on careful planning, organization, motivation and control of resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. Since every project is unique in nature, a project manager must learn to adapt and identify key areas to drive success. Thus, as a learning initiative, we were given a project to manage through a simulation program named Sim4Project. The emphasis of this simulation was on learning-by-doing, just like in a real-life project. Sim4Project provided a good mix of theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on experience. Professor Leonie gave feedbacks at the end of each period to ensure we were incorporating the project management principles learned in the classroom. The project we had to manage was of a new product development for a plastic manufacturing company, named D&J Plastics. This project was composed of 12 periods with different deliverables and milestones to accomplish. With completing the Individual Sim4Project Play, I have learned variety of new things on managing a project at a beginner level. This paper reflects on my lessons learned, my initial expectations and my overall opinions on the simulation.
Initial Expectations
Provide your thoughts on what you initially expected to learn or experience in the individual simulation play.
My initial expectation for this class and Sim4Project Individual play was to get a general understanding of project management principles. I had no idea I would actually get to experience, a bit, the life of a project manager. I was pleasantly surprised. I then got curious to see what this simulation was all about and whether it would help understand and identify the challenges that may arise while managing a proje...

... middle of paper ...

... a part that I didn’t expect at first, was the insights it provided me in basic project management. Something I couldn’t quite figure out was the fact that my team always took much longer to accomplish a task, even though my resources allocation and effectiveness were high (90-100%) in each period. Hopefully I will learn more in the second part of the course.
Overall I feel I have benefited and will benefit from this simulation. Sim4Project is a very well designed and thought-out tool to provide students with hands-on experience on project management. An understanding of what some of the key project manager duties are in relation to the four functions of management framework (planning, organizing, leading and controlling) will help lead projects to a successful outcome. I also feel ready to start the second part of the simulation and apply all that I have learned.

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