Project Is Over Gender And Books Essay

Project Is Over Gender And Books Essay

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What steps have you taken to so far toward the completion of this project?
My groups’ project is over gender and books. I have personally taken pictures of the books I own. Even though I do not have my entire book collection here with me at school, I was able to pull three photos together displaying my books. I have also looked at each of our group members’ picture they sent and evaluated their pictures. I have analyzed them and from the analyzation I was able to explain the micro, meso, and macro levels of the photos taken. I am working alongside Aml, and together we have brainstormed and put together the three levels. As Aml and I worked together, there were certain levels that we each excelled on. There was an equal amount of work for the macro, but I did more for the meso level and she the micro. I evaluated how the pictures showed doing gender. There are a total of four girls in our group, and all but one showed a great amount of cleanliness. Therefore, it was decided that females are expected to show cleanliness and order, so they have learned to do so. I also saw a common th...

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