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Decisions in Paradise

The corporation of CIGNA Healthcare has hired an employee Gardline as key person in the implementation of having CIGNA Healthcare have a presence in Kava, South Pacific (University of Phoenix, 2007). The presence of CIGNA Healthcare is needed to assist in the overall development of the Kava Island for its people, lively hood and healthcare epidemic. Using the decision making process, Gardline will use various techniques and principles to implement a change in Kava and bring a needed presence to the KAVA people. Making a change in Kava, in order to make a presence in Kava will require in-depth solutions and time.
The sources for the economy are based on the sales of Petroleum, coffee, cocoa, spices, bananas, sugar, tourism, fishing, and natural gas. The people of Kava are currently helped through many organizations which include faith based organizations, the local government, military and other private corporations. Some of the key problems in Kava are as follows: HIV/AIDS epidemic, vaccinations, natural disaster preparedness, possibly a shortage of food or medical supplies.
One of the principles of the decision making process is used will is the Pareto principle. The primary issues for the corporation to work on will be the epidemic of the AIDS virus among the Kava people. The based on the background of disaster threats in Kava (University of Phoenix, 2007), the Island is at jeopardy of being plagued with an epidemic of AIDS. The island is in threat of an increase of AIDS among women and children. Based on the statistics, study shows that among a nation where there are no educational resources about a virus, knowledge of ways to protect against the virus, or medical resources for those affected by the virus has the potential of creating a great disaster for the Kava people and their lively hood.
The first step in assisting with this epidemic would include providing research CIGNA Healthcare can implement a research team that is able to provide a survey plan that would allow getting facts from the Kava people and their day to day activities and how they are affected by the AIDS virus. This may include spending time in the daily lives of the people of Kava, and interacting with those who are already affected by the virus. This opportunity will allow for the CIGNA Corporation to make a presence directly to the local people. The Increase of the AIDS virus among women and children would have to include healthcare recourses and the ability to educate the people of the Kava Island on areas of protection against the AIDS virus.

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Alongside with the survey, there would be an implementation of teaching mothers and young women of ways to protect them from the AIDS epidemic, during pregnancy. This would include having small sessions offered at local clinics with an incentive of some type of resource offered to those who attend. Some of the incentives would include medical services, and free AIDS testing.
Within a projected 1 year to 2 year time frame, the research found from the Kava people would allow insight and the opportunity to implement clinical services to those in need of medical services. Building a facility offered by CIGNA and the government, equipped with needed medical staff, medical equipment and necessary pharmaceuticals will enhance the presence of CIGNA, will assist in providing support to those in need in Kava. The Kava people and their communities are in need of help and the CIGNA Healthcare Corporation would like to make a presence in Kava. Some of the factors that may affect this proposed change would include getting the opportunity to have a positive turnout for the members of the Kava Island to accept the offers of resources given to them, and having the government to assist without losing necessary grounds. One way of overcoming these factors is to offer incentives for both the people and the government. As well as developing the needed presence on the Kava Island.
Within the implementation of a new hospital facility, funding for the hospital and needed medical resources, such as medication, vaccines and other needed medical supplies to those affected with the AIDS virus. For the CIGNA Corporation, implementing new hospitals and services would give the corporation the ability to become shareholders and profit in the future with the petroleum sources in Kava.
The possible ethical implication from the stakeholders would include the government of Kava, the people of Kava, and the share holders of the CIGNA Corporation. This would include the funding for the services needed and the overall acceptance by the Kava government and its people. Making the presence notable in Kava would require understanding the Kava people and their needs.
To effectively make change, would require bringing an offer of change to the people on their level. The surveying and feedback form the Kava people will allow for this. Providing the overall goal of these changes and how it will benefit the CIGNA Corporation and its share holders would assist in making sure the shareholders understand the process that will be implemented. Offering a first-hand look to the shareholders who request it may also benefit the goal of the company.
The overall benefit for all stake holders includes the CIGNA Corporation having the needed presence in the Kava Island. Implementing and agreement with the government of Kava, and offering to provide the funding for the needed medical facilities providing the training for the medical staff, and resources would bring monetary benefits to the island overtime. The island can benefit for being the future travel tourism island of the world. This opportunity provides for a long lasting relationship between the Kava government and the CIGNA Corporation. This will also over a period of a few years, offer change to the island's tourism. With the proposed changes and implementation, this also offers the share holders of the CIGNA Corporation to benefit for the petroleum offered in Kava, with time this can benefit the United States and bring a great benefit to CIGNA.
The presence of CIGNA Healthcare and the implications of the needed facility and resources to the Kava people will assist in the overall development of the Kava Island, for its people and the healthcare system. Using the decision making process, Gardline used various techniques and principles to implement a change in Kava and bring a needed presence to the KAVA people.
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