Project Description Of West County Energy Center Essay

Project Description Of West County Energy Center Essay

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1.1 Plant Description
West County Energy Center is located west of Seminole Pratt Whitney Road and north of SR 80 in Loxahatchee FL. The plant consists of three (3 - on - 1) generating units – approximately 1,250 megawatts each. The Combustion Turbines are Mitsubishi 501G1’s (~250 Megawatts each), Steam Turbines are Toshiba (~500 Megawatts each). HRSG’s are Nooter.
Plant Address (Jobsite): 20505 State Road 80 (Southern Boulevard) Loxahatchee FL 33470.

1.2 General Specifications

The scope of this project is to deliver a solution to upgrade the existing control systems HMI ( Human machine Interface) defined as the Diasys Netmation operation terminal at Florida Power & Light Company’s (FPL) West County Block no.3, scheduled for fall of 2017 mayor outage. The upgrade will be from the existing HMI base on window XP solution to the current Microsoft Windows 7 based solution.

The scope also comprises the appropriate supply of hardware and software, all network switches, cabling, and power distribution required in order to install the Cyber Security Center. The Security Center shall be connected to the control system root switches and will include a 8.5TB (final capacity) RAID array for archiving, event collection and storage of backups of the DCS.
This Scope of Work and the referenced specifications apply in their entirety Unit 3 of West County energy center (PWC). The Supplier shall provide a proposal for the HMI control upgrades of PWC Unit 3 and inclusive of all project management, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, tuning, testing, travel and related expenses at a firm fixed price on a per Unit basis. Any and all exceptions taken to this scope of work or technical specific...

... middle of paper ...

...d equipment as necessary to demonstrate functionality of data links. Supplier shall provide the necessary equipment in support of the integrated FAT. FPL shall provide equipment and personnel to simulate the portion of the link that is not supplied by Emerson.
2.4 Consoles, Servers, Workstations and Peripherals

2.4.1 Upgrade the operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7 for the following computers: Operator Station – OPS – Human Machine Interface for plant monitoring. Engineering & Maintenance Station – EMS – Maintenance of Netmation Data Base. Accessory Station – ACS – Data Logging System Data Management PC – DMPC – Security for computer viruses. OPC Server – Interface between DCS, Netmation and CPFA. Combustion Pressure Fluctuation Monitoring PC – CPFA

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