Project Description Of Paving New Pathways Essay

Project Description Of Paving New Pathways Essay

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Project description (word count)

Our project is called Paving New Pathways. This is a resource aimed at assisting CanTeen patient members in their transition back to occupations of everyday living post treatment. It has been identified that during treatment patients experience loss of identity and imbalance in their inability to engage in everyday occupations during treatment. There is also a gap in resources made available to patients between 17 and 24 years of age as they come out of treatment. Our project is targeted at this age group and aims to provide them with information about their options for employment, education and other aspects of life. We aim to include the Te Whare Tapa Wha model to cover important areas of wellbeing and account for the various values and perspectives of the users. To include spiritual, physical, family/whanau and mental health. The belief is that if any of these aspects of health are unbalanced it affects the overall wellbing of the person (
Māori health models – Te Whare Tapa Whā. (n.d.). Retrieved 29 June 2015, from It is important to recognise the individuality of each person who uses this resource and enable a focus on cultural norms which shape the person ().
The resource will be presented in a PDF (booklet) format that provides information and links to services, as well as room for individuals to write personal details. We will also provide a template to enable editing to keep the resource up to date and relevant to users and regions. The PDF format will enable electronic mailing to reach a broad spectrum of users. This document can then be used electronically or printed d...

... middle of paper ...

...appendix). Users will also be able to complete a five question evaluation form identifying the relevance and utility of the resource, using 10 point rating scales and yes/no answers (see appendix).
To evaluate the outcome we have developed a series of five questions for the CanTeen regional manager and committee members. This will establish the fit of the resource to their expectations and original outline, as well as the ease of administration and adaptation for other regions.
To evaluate the occupational focus we have developed a more in depth questionnaire to follow on from the use of this resource (See appendix). CanTeen patient members will be asked to use and assess the appropriateness and applicability of the resource based on their individual needs. This evaluation will allow us to reflect on the process and conception of the resource and make final changes.

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