Essay on Prohibition of All Drugs

Essay on Prohibition of All Drugs

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Drug use is dangerous, because it tears apart families, it is addictive, and it destroys lives. Since these problems can develop from any kind of substance abuse, there should be a national prohibition of all forms of drugs, even medical or “soft” drugs. Take for example two exceedingly popular legal drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol. These substances have been proven to be dangerous enough to justify a prohibition, as they are can cause just as much harm as the already illegal drugs. For example: every year 443,000 Americans die from smoking cigarettes ("Tobacco Facts and Figures") and 88,000 ("Alcohol Use and Health"). Americans die from alcohol abuse. However, prohibition should not just apply to alcohol and tobacco, but to prescription drugs as well. Drugs prescribed by doctors are intended to help cure people, but in fact, those prescribed drugs can be just as dangerous as non-prescribed substances. As legal prescription drugs kills over 100,000 people every year.
The cause for the prohibition of all drugs is not based solely on the deaths. Addiction is also existent in all drugs, even supposedly safe drugs like caffeine. Think about the amount of caffeinated soda is sold every year in the United States or how about how the observation that the majority of adults need a cup of coffee every morning just to be able to function? Addiction is a disease, if addicts don’t recognize their disorder, if they perceive drug use as legal, then a healthy, meaningful life will be impossible for them. As long if any drug is legal, addiction will exist. The only way to cure society of addiction is to eliminate all drugs.
There are countless other reasons to ban the use of all drugs. One of the important factor is the way drugs, any drug, a...

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...ands of mothers will be forced to watch their children ruin their future with abuse. The point cannot be stressed enough how vital these laws are to the benefit of the American people.

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