The Prohibition Era During The 1920s Essay

The Prohibition Era During The 1920s Essay

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The Prohibition Era, much like it’s sister the Temperance movement, saw America split between the wets and the drys. However, it is in the Prohibition era where we see government on the federal and executive level come out and play a role in the movement. It is also a time of complete and utter chaos, with the upraise of gangsters and high levels of crime that broke out daily. The rise of social justice issues for immigrants whose culture and lifestyle begin to be targeted. It also was a time when America learned that passing a law without the full support of all the people will cause it to fail. This clearly shows that the Prohibition changed American during the 1920s as well as had a lasting effect on America until this day.
Among the many events that occurred during the Prohibition era was the fact that the idea of being ‘dry’ became associated with being an American. This was especially prominent during the war, but still served to unify Americans as one group of people who did not drink the beer of “big brewers and distillers [because they] were of German origin,” (Allen 214.) Nowadays propaganda much like this are still being used against the groups of people that Americans find to be a threat to the “American way” which is deeply rooted in tradition. Examples being with members of the LGBTQA communities with the legalization of gay marriage and also with Muslims and their apparent connection to every terrorist group in the middle east. For it’s time period, this was the first time the government on the federal level had to get involved in a large scale. Unlike with the Reconstruction era where the Union had to occupy just the South to make sure it obeyed the law, America as a whole was subject to the same treatment. The f...

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...can be clearly seen in the 21st century and even before that with college students. Like the prohibition era there is a law that prevents anyone under the age of 21 years old to drink alcohol. Even though students in college are technically adults by the age of 18 years old they can not enjoy what their seniors in college can. This law is meant to stop and prevent students who are too young to moderate their drinking from over doing themselves by keeping them sober. However this law just makes the college students who feel annoyed and oppressed by such a law act out and sneakily drink anyway. Just as Murdock writes, students in this day and age drink before they get to parties in school and off so that they can have fun. Even though years have passed since the fail of the amendment, the effects of it and the changes that it caused are still in effect until this day.

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