Prohibition and Alcohol: Advertisement of Midnight Moon Essay

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“White lightening” was highly sought after before, during, and after prohibition, and it made many men lawbreakers, and convicts. The making and selling of moonshine was not publically talked about or advertised, but people who wanted the good stuff knew how and where to get it. Unfortunately, before the legalization of alcohol many stills did not survive being destroyed by the law, but fortunately one still endured. It and its makers have survived “three generations, prohibition and a year behind bars.” In the advertisement for Midnight Moon moonshine the advertisers use words and photographs to entice the reader to drink their Midnight Moon.
This advertisement is featured in Men’s Journal magazine. This particular magazine is geared towards men of all ages; this can be seen throughout the pages of the magazine by looking at the wide array of ads and articles. The Moonshine advertisement fits into this magazine perfectly because this magazine contains a lot of different ads that are interesting and eye catching. The Midnight Moon ad is very eye catching because the first thing that stands out is the words “SO GOOD, PROHIBITION, AND BEHIND BARS.” These words sound like the beginning of a great story. This advertisement in this magazine is aimed at catching the attention of men who like to indulge in a bit of spirits or others who might want to try. The entire ad is filled with words, from the top to the bottom. The words on the page are all important or they would not be on the page. In this ad it reads from top to bottom, the most important words are the biggest and boldest and the connecting words are smaller with different font types. The advertiser uses different types of fonts, capital letters combined with lowercase letter...

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...ake the reader back to a time when families were wholesome and together. The combination of the photographs, having old borders and new images, shows a span between the time when moonshine began and how far it has come today. The photographs convey the message of caring and consistency, which shows pathos. The reader may look at the photographs and feel that the advertiser truly cares about the moonshine. The advertiser wants the reader to know that Midnight Moon is not just a product it is their family’s tradition and their family’s future. Ethos is expressed in the advertisement through the words surviving and generations which implies Midnight Moon is a strong family and a strong business.
The combination of the words and photographs in this advertisement shows the reader that Midnight Moon moonshine can be trusted as being as good as they advertise it to be.

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