Prohibiting Cell Phones in College Classes Essay

Prohibiting Cell Phones in College Classes Essay

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In today’s society, people are being introduced to never-ending technology developments; the use of cellular phones is triggering a lot of debate in universities all over the United States. In a recent survey by Tindell and Bohlander (2012), over 97 percent of college student carry their cellular phones to class and use their cellular phones during lectures. Although cellular phones are prominently useful there have been a number of ramifications, which must be recognized within universities. Lectures are being interrupted. Texting is being used for cheating among college students. Undesirable pictures are being taken of students in dorms or at parties. In the past, cellular phones were primarily intended for security, emergencies, and professional business purposes. Marilyn Brown (2007) reported, “Cell phones are driving teachers crazy. As the phones become smaller and more sophisticated, they are becoming a big problem in universities. Cell phones can send instant messages, take pictures of tests and connect to the internet” (I Can’t Talk Right Now, para. 2). With the heightened popularity of cellular phones among college students comes a heightened concern about how the use of cellular phones are being abused in universities.
Universities should prohibit cell phones from lecture halls because doing so will increase students’ learning environment, it will cut down on undesirable distractions, dishonest conduct in the classroom (i.e. cheating), and just as regulation is endorsing cell phone sanctions, the universities have the right to endorse cell phone sanctions. College students might argue that having a cellular phone during lectures is not harming anyone. Also, college students might feel that it would be unfair to puni...

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Reference: Tindell, D. R. and Bohlander, R. W. (2012). The use and abuse of cell phones and text messaging in the classroom: A survey of college students. College Teaching, 60 (1), 1-9.

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