Progressivism : A Time When Republicans Dominated The White House Essay

Progressivism : A Time When Republicans Dominated The White House Essay

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This was a time when Republicans dominated the White house. However following Hardings election in 1920, the United States had just hit a record breaking peak in unemployment at around 20%.Harding fought to return American enterprises back to its state of glory. However, Hardings fight was short lived as Coolidge , Hardings Vice President, rose to take office after Hardings presidency was cut short by a sudden heart attack. College took his administration a slightly different direction. Coolidge was a huge advocate for free enterprise, and encouraged smaller government. Coolidge reached out to Andrew Melton, Secretary if The Treasury at the time, to help him in reducing government involvement across the country. The Supreme Court proved to be a valiant ally in the fight against the Governments over-saturation of the country. By promoting nationwide peace and prosperity and the Supreme Court on his side, Coolidge easy retained office during the 1924 presidential election. Prosperity was obtained by enacting the Dawes Plan, and cutting Germany’s reparation. These little acts by government helped tally point towards enhancing American prosperity. However America’s hope and prosperity would be soon tested. During The Hoover administration, the New York Stock Exchange reached and all time high of 400 percent. This put many people on edge, nervous shareholders began to dump stocks in fear of an unforeseen plunge in the market. There was no plunge, and the american people soon knew that through dumping their stock suddenly , that they had flushed the market with stocks which resulted in huge decline in the value of the stock. Sending the market spiraling down. The people had...

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...rged with condemning natives to poverty and the suppression on native american rights, all while keeping the natives dependent on government aid. Despite the headway made by the organization, internal disagreements drove the group into the ground.
After easily winning his next presidential election, Eisenhower found that controlling military expenditures was vital to his vision of balancing the budget. Eisenhower viewed vietnams separation from France and its fall into communism as having the potential to cause a domino effect in the region. To prevent this, the United states sent weapons and advisors to South Vietnam to aid in warding off the North Vietnamese invasion and capture of the country. However this was not enough. The guerrilla style of combat displayed by the North vietnamese caught South Vietnam off guard

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