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My life has greatly been shaped by my socio-group identity and this has impacted on various aspects of my life. As such, I was born in a family that, on average economic standards, is poor. The significance of this is that economic ability essentially defines what in life one can or cannot get. It also impacts on the range of choices or options one can have in the process of growth (Hooks. 2014). In essence, our family was not the only one that fits into this economic profile of poverty. I have grown up in a neighborhood of families that have parents employed as casual workers and who earn less than what their needs and those in their homes demand.
I represent the progressive school of thought which supports learning by doing (Love, 2000). I also embrace ideas of the progressive school that encourage collaboration among the diverse communities and inculcates learning that aspires to achieve social responsibility, sensitivity and democracy. This creates equal opportunities for all people and in effect demolishes the parameters of discrimination (McLaren, 2003). I therefore embrace many cultures and even if I do not speak English as the native mode of communication, I am multilingual and can speak English and a few other languages. This is a characteristic that has shaped my identity among the clique I belong in. As such, multilingualism is the special ability that has been assigned to me since whenever I encounter people and they assume I do not understand what they are talking, it surprises them to learn that in fact, I was understanding.
Coming from a poor background dictated that I only attend a public school that is government funded. As such, public school attendance as is common is associated with those who are poor. Need...

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...d his socialization and perhaps that of others that are of his social group identity. Essentially, he was freer with me and my friends from the shanties as compared to others and he would at times ask my company to posh fun-centers. However, I always realized that her sister and even her mother did not like him interacting with me. While he was driven to school and only walked home when he escaped, my friends and I walked a long way crossing sewers to get to school and back. Access to school learning resources was a total non-issue to him and as such, performance for him was expected. For me I had to rely on my intelligence and how well I can follow the teacher since purchasing learning materials was a secondary concern to ensuring we are affording basic needs. Lack of economic power like that of my interviewee capped my level of ambition and the ability to perform.

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