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On March 10, 1937, Joseph Lewis and Jack Green started Progressive Mutual Insurance Company. They wanted to provide vehicle owners with security and protection and they thought an insurance company was a good investment for a couple of lawyers who were just getting started. Since its beginning, Progressive has taken an innovative approach to auto insurance. They offered drive-in claims service before any other auto insurance company and in another industry first, they allowed customers to pay their premiums in installments. An appealing option for those who could not afford annual payments. Progressive wanted and still wants to make auto insurance accessible and easy so more people could protect their vehicles.

Progressive began in 1937, and over the years, they have worked hard to build a superior proposition for auto insurance consumers through competitive pricing and by continuously improving our products and services. Today, they offer competitive rates and 24-hour, in-person and online services to all drivers throughout the United States. Today, Progressive customers can purchase auto insurance directly from them online or by phone, or they can purchase from independent insurance agents. Headquartered in the Cleveland suburb of Mayfield Village, Ohio, Progressive has 28,000-plus employees in more than 450 offices throughout the country. Progressive people enjoy a casual dress code and a unique work environment where all are required to risk, learn, grow and perform. Progressive's larger locations house one of the country's largest, most eclectic contemporary art collections. Communicating a clear picture of Progressive by stating what they try to achieve, how they interact with customers, and what guides their behavior permits all people associated with Progressive to understand what they expect of each other and ourselves and how we conduct our business.
Progressive has been in business since 1937 and currently is one of the largest auto insurance groups in the United States. They have more than 10 million policies in force and growth continues as more people choose us for their vehicle insurance needs. They sell insurance directly to customers online and by phone, and offer insurance through more than 30,000 local independent agents. In addition to auto insurance, Progressive offers the following types of insurance to customers throughout the country: boat/personal watercraft insurance, commercial auto insurance, homeowners insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance and Segway insurance.
Policies are available for people who choose to shop for auto insurance online at or by phone at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE 1-800-776-4737. You also can compare rates for other top companies when you shop for a Progressive auto policy.

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Once you buy, you can service your policy 24/7 online or with a customer service representative.
Progressive's marketing campaign is known for offering quotes of its competitors along with its own quote. It was the first major insurer to offer auto policies through the phone and through its Web site. It was also the first major insurer to offer Pet Injury coverage, which provides coverage for dogs and cats that are injured in a crash and is included at no additional cost with Collision coverage. Progressive will work with local body shops and car dealerships to repair an insured's vehicle, or a vehicle damaged by an insured, at one of its more than 50 service centers. This free service for any Progressive insured or claimant lives close enough to one of the facilities. A damaged vehicle can be taken to the service center - the day following a claim being reported for an insured or after liability has been accepted for a claimant - based on schedule availability and convenience of the vehicle owner. There a rental vehicle can be obtained and Progressive will handle the entire repair process from that point forward.
Progressive's vision is to reduce the human trauma and economic costs associated with automobile accidents. We do this by providing our customers with services designed to help them get their lives back in order again as quickly as possible. Governing our vision, decisions and behavior are our Core Values — pragmatic statements of what work best for us in the real world.
They revere honesty. They adhere to the highest ethical standards, provide timely, accurate and complete financial reporting, and encourage disclosing bad news and welcome disagreement. They respect all people, value the differences among them and deal with them in the way we want to be dealt with. This requires us to know ourselves and to try to understand others. They strive to communicate clearly Progressive's ambitious objectives, our people’s personal, and team objectives. Progressive evaluate performance against all these objectives, also strive constantly to improve in order to meet and exceed the highest expectations of the customers, shareholders and people. Teach and encourage our people to improve performance and to reduce the costs of what they do for customers. Progressive base their rewards on results and promotion on ability. The opportunity to earn a profit is how the competitive free-enterprise system motivates investment to enhance human health and happiness. Expanding profits reflect our customers and claimants' increasingly positive view of Progressive.
Progressive Insurance has what it takes to help you manage your risk. They have extensive experience in a wide variety of risks and enjoy the firm support of our expanding panel of reinsurers. There is list of satisfied clients includes many high profile names and large corporations with whom they continue to maintain successful, long-standing relationships. The comprehensive insurance programmers, they developed for our clients clearly show our ability to effectively manage risk on even the largest of projects. They also reflect the growing confidence more and more clients have in Progressive Insurance. People are what really make Progressive Insurance work. There team of experienced professionals is fully committed to providing all our clients the best service. They appreciate the role good service plays in maintaining a strong partnership and focus our efforts accordingly. From front desk staff handling your daily enquiries to the most senior management person. Each is dedicated to ensuring that all your needs are quickly and competently met. In addition, Progressive Insurance has invested heavily in a computerization program designed to further sharpen its service edge. The installation of this advanced technology will improve efficiency and deliver on faster response time to all our customers. This is especially important in the area of claims, where Progressive Insurance is committed to providing fast and efficient processing and payment.
Progressive Insurance is poised to achieve even greater levels of success. It has laid firm foundations for service-led growth in terms of its labor and technological resources. It has established a strong financial base. It has consolidated in its traditional areas of business and is now set to carve a niche for itself in exciting new fields. Indeed this is our thrust for the future. Progressive Insurance will concentrate on those business areas where we can dominate due to our specialist knowledge of that sector. This selective process will ensure that Progressive's resources are applied to areas where it has the strongest advantage, for example, in the Fire Insurance and Performance Bond sectors where our credentials are distinctly superior.
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