The Progressive Growth Of Gender Diversity Essay

The Progressive Growth Of Gender Diversity Essay

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This study will analyze the progressive growth of gender diversity, family identity, and the expanding internationalism of cultural values in modern Germany. Germany currently offers very progressive forms of gender/sex identity by allowing parents to identify their children as not being of a male of female identity. This form of “intersex” option is for infants born without physically acknowledgeable male or female genitalia, which also improves the cause of the LGBT community by offering diverse forms of gender’/sex identity. More so, Germany has adopted a more gender-based equality in the parental benefit program, which now offers benefits for part-time working mothers. This breaks down the traditional male/female duality of the household, and provides more financial independence for women in German society as single mothers. Germany also provides free admission to art galleries in Berlin, which provides a socialist perspective on a wider range of access to fine art culture in the Humboldt Forum. In essence, an analysis of the progressive aspects of gender diversity, family values, and the expanding access to cultural sites throughout Germany will be examined in this study.
The issue of gender in Germany is becoming progressively open-minded, especially in the context of children that may be born without acknowledgeable physical characteristics of gender. This involves the creation of third gender choice on birth certificates (a blank box) when this situation rises: “To allow the parents of babies without "clear gender-determining physical characteristics" to register them not as male or female, but to choose a third blank box instead (Nandi, 2013, para.2). More so, this is also defines the important flexibility in sex/gender ...

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...een in the past. The support for single mothers in German society is also part of a new parental benefit plan, which no longer relies on the gender-duality of male and female roles in the home, since women can no get governmental benefits when working a part-time job. Once again, the German government provides a vast array of resources for the German population, which offers progressive new ways of diversifying gender, sex and alternative lifestyles. Finally, the Humboldt Forum is a major new cultural project in Germany, which will provide free access to a large international art collection,. Berlin is quickly becoming a major epicenter for cultural diversity, just as it offers a diversity of gender/sex roles in an urban environment. These are the important aspects of progressive changes in gender diversity, family values, and culture in 21st century German society.

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