Essay about The Progression Of Social Movements

Essay about The Progression Of Social Movements

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The Progression of Social Movements
We must not forget the foundation that the gay rights movement was built on in the victory
of the legalization of same-sex marriage and we must continue to fight for rights of all
marginalized groups.
On June 26th, 2015 the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that same-sex marriage
would be legalized in all fifty states in the United States of America. This was accepted as a monumental milestone on the road to equality for the queer community, and while Timothy Stewart-Winter wouldn’t disagree, he does raise the concern that this may become the “swan song”-the swan song is defined as a person’s final public performance or professional activity before retirement- of the LGBTQIA rights movement. In a passioned plea to the queer community and their allies Stewart-Winter reminds us not to forget the other issues that affect the queer community, and the need for marginalized groups to stick together. Using historical evidence and data of other queer struggles Stewart-Winter effectively demonstrates the facts that point to this possibility, while calling for a revitalization of the movement to prevent this end.
The LGBTQIA movement gained a massive victory, claims Stewart-Winter in his article entitled, “The Price of Gay Marriage”, but, if this is the case, what is the so called price? In his opinion, the price of gay marriage is the potential halting of the movement towards equality for all LGBTQIA people, not just the marriage rights for a portion of the community. Stewart-Winter goes on to discuss the many other issues that face the queer community such as, employment, housing, drug addiction, and aids among some of them. However, Stewart-Winter isn’t only calling for action on issues that ...

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...e implementation of a livable minimum wage so that people who work fourty hours a week, plus, aren’t trapped in an endless cycle of poverty. Only once we come together and all of these issues are addressed together can we begin to peel back the layers of intersectionality and truly start working towards a platform of equality for all, whether they be queer, straight, rich, poor, white, black, hispanic/latino, asian, or any combination of them.
In the end, Stewart-Winter effectively nails down “The Price of Gay Marriage” in a provocative, and stirring piece on the potential consequences of the legalization of same-sex marriage. Through various examples of people and historical events/movements he outlines the potential consequences that would indeed make the price of same-sex marriage too high to pay for the queer community, and for social activism everywhere.

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