The Progression Of Low Cost Carriers Essay

The Progression Of Low Cost Carriers Essay

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The progression of Low Cost Carriers (LCC) has become a force to reckon with. Authors such as O’connel& Williams (2005) and Kim & Lee (2011) recognize the fact that Full Service Carriers (FSC) have lost a significant number of their passengers to the LCCs. This raises a few questions on the standards that each of the carriers offers. On the other hand, authors such as Forgan et al. (2010) and Fourie & Lubbe (2006) are keen to present certain factors that entirely determine the customers’ preferences for either FSC or LCC. These preferences can be narrowed to highlight the customers’ expectations of these two airline models. With the specific focus being on Dubai International Airport, it is important to note the variety of services of offered. Saxena and Gupta (2012) have noted that although Fly Dubai airline is a Low Cost Carrier, it has emerged to be one of the best airlines in the region. This raises the question, “have customers lowered their expectations when it comes to the services offered by LCCs or have the LCC raised their standards to those that are almost comparable to the FSC?’ With such questions in mind and the thoughts by authors such as Saha & Thiengi (2009), Bjeilicic (2007) and Gursoy et al. (2005) the different expectations of the customers who board LCC and FSC can be put on a weighing scale. Fly Dubai is a good example of a LCC and Emirates airlines a good example of a FSC. When the focus is on Dubai international Airport, these two airlines cannot go unheard of. The purpose of this literature review is to analyze the ideas presented by various authors such as Pakdil & Aydin(2007), Flouris & Walker (2005), Morrel (2005) and Hunter (2006) who have explored the various issues that relate to customer expectat...

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...ons of the FSCs in this case. Bjelicic (2007) discusses the fact that most customers expect variety and different classes of services to be offered by the FSCs. The case of Fly Dubai, a LCC, as presented by Saxena and Gupta (2012) shows a paradigm shift when the thoughts of Pels (2008) are put into consideration. Pels (2008) discusses the fact that most customers expect LCCs to cover only local market; However, Saxena and Gupta (2012) have noted the tremendous growth of Fly Dubai when it comes to offering international services. With Fly Dubai in mind, Bjelicic (2007)’s observation is also put to the test. Saxena and Gupta (2012) point out the fact that customers using this LCCs expect quality services and this goes beyond just the bare minimum as presented by Bjelicic (2007) who discussed the fact the LCCs are expected to provide only basic and essential services.

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