The Progression of Far-Right Political Parties in Europe in the Twenty-First Century

The Progression of Far-Right Political Parties in Europe in the Twenty-First Century

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In the past, at some strategic moments of History, it has been seen that people were voting massively on favour of far-right political parties, for economic reasons among others, and in some countries these parties have prospered over time usually to the detriment of democracy. But these episodes have shown the dangerousness of such parties at the head of governments, and yet we witness today a breakthrough of extreme right-wing political groups in many countries members of the European Union.
This phenomenon rises some serious questions such as what are the causes of the return of strong far-right politics in European societies. Also, are not such parties a threat for the democracy itself, the European Union and more widely globalisation? Furthermore it would be highly interesting to perceive who supports and votes for them while they are often accused -quite rightly if we remember the situation in Greece where the society is facing the rise of the fascist party, the Golden Dawn- of racism, antisemitism and xenophobia.
Three examples representative of the situation are the British National party and the UK Independence Party in Great-Britain, the National Front in France and the Golden Dawn in Greece. The purpose of this research is to understand the popularity of parties which can appear so threatening to many democratic aspects and to the current global order and economy of countries inside of the European Union.

Research question: How can we explain the rise of far-right political parties in Europe in the last ten years?

Literature review

Based principally on data about the progress of parties throughout elections since their creation, almost every books and articles written contain the same ideas and hypothesis a...

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...nt on the subject. In addition it is true that there is a strong social pressure and thus it is difficult to be sure about the the outcomes obtained in previous researches. Marley Morris has underlined this issue in his article about the French presidential elections and the gap between expectations resulting from surveys and the results after the first round.

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