Progress Report on Final Project of Revolutionizing the Internet Through New Wiring Technology

Progress Report on Final Project of Revolutionizing the Internet Through New Wiring Technology

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Subject: Progress report on our final project of revolutionizing the Internet through our new wiring technology

This progress report outlines the work completed, being worked on, and to be worked on for our final project in ENCE 3302. The project is compromised of two parts: a strategic plan and a team presentation of our proposed product. Our team was officially created on 2/9 after everyone in class finished giving their entrepreneurial presentations. Our team, which is Amir Ghadiry, John Forrest, Tyler Howard, and Brian Tannous, was decided because we all had a similar interest in the same entrepreneurial venture: a technology that would vastly improve upon the internet speed available in the United States.

On 3/2, once the roles were settled, we sent our assignments to Professor Easton. 2/24 our team corresponded by email to coordinate role assignments. It was decided that Amir would be responsible for engineering and manufacturing, John would be responsible for the operations and management of the company, Tyler would be responsible for legal and financial, while Brian would handle the marketing and sales of the company. Our team has been corresponding by email, and had a group meeting on 3/22 in which everyone attended to give an update on their progress. The rest of the report covers the details and accomplishments within each section.

Work Completed
General Work
As outlined above, on 3/2 we sent in our role assignments for the final project. Our team has been putting in time on the project ever since that date moving towards a rough draft. In order to effectively correspond with one another electronically, we set up a few collaborative tools.

The first of these tools is Google Wave. Wave is a n...

... middle of paper ...

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