Progress and Development of ASEAN

Progress and Development of ASEAN

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1.1 The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Bangkok, Thailand with the signing of the (ASEAN) declaration, by the founding fathers of (ASEAN), namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand was establish on 8 August 1967. On 7 January 1984, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam on 28 July 1995, Myanmar on 23 July 1997 and Cambodia on 30 April 1999 then joined. Nowadays, (ASEAN) have ten member states. The aims and purpose as set of (ASEAN) are first, to accelerate the economic growth, social progress, and culture development in the region through joint endeavors in the spirit of equality and partnership in order to strengthen the foundation for a prosperous and peaceful community of Southeast Asian nations. Second, to promote active collaboration and mutual assistance on matters of common interest in the economic, social cultural, technical, scientific and administrative fields. Third, to promote Southeast Asian studies and to maintain close and beneficial cooperation with existing international and regional organization with similar aims and purpose and explore all avenues for even closer cooperation among themselves.
(ASEAN) focus for three (3) communities to achieve. First, political. To build on what has been construed over the years in the field of political and security cooperation. The (ASEAN) political – security community (APSS). The aim, to ensure that countries in the religion live at peace with one another and with the world in a just democrat and harmonious environment. The APSS blueprint envisages (ASEAN) to be a rules based community to shared values an norms, a cohesive, peaceful, stable and resilient region with shred responsibility for comprehensive security, also (APSS) blueprint is guide by the (ASEAN) charter and the principle and purpose contained was adapter by the (ASEAN) leaders at the 1984 (ASEAN) summit on 1 march 2009 in Cha – am / Hua-Lin Thailand. Second, Asian economic community (AEC), the goal of religion economic integration by 2015, envisages the following key characteristic, a single market production base.
A highly competitive development region and a region of equitable economic development also a region fully integrated in the global economy. Thirdly, (ASEAN) socio – cultural. The aims for this communities, to contribute to raising an (ASEAN) community that is people oriented and socially responsible with a view to achieving enduring solidarity and unity among the peoples and member states of (ASEAN). Focus on nurturing the human, cultural and natural resources for sustained development in harmonious also people of (ASEAN).

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Associations of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) talk about one of member states collaboration to achieve the aims and purpose to become one of the successful member states talk about the progress of development to (ASEAN), discover forward become achieve the motto of (ASEAN) is “ ONE VISION , ONE IDENTITY , ONE COMMUNITY “ progress of ASEAN are :
2.1 ASEAN gross domestic product (GDP) almost double since 2000.
Proceedings of earning five countries involved ranging from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, have been continuously increasing growth in the gross domestic product. In each of the ASEAN capital where a total of $ 3,751 in 2012 compared to $ 3,591 in 2011 per capital .Moreover, the result of five ASEAN countries grew by 5.1% in the first half of this year. Nevertheless, in 2012 by 5.7% or 1.0% higher than 2011. Even, the growth rate of which has penetrated other ASEAN, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. While again largest service sector dominates the gross domestic product (GDP).
2.2 Rapid growth of ASEAN trade in goods and services.
Business improvement ASEAN has jumped into the market for goods and services, whichever amount US260.9 billion in 2004, to U.S. 598.2 billion in 2011. Meanwhile, in the same year trade increased from US4281 billion to US914.8 billion. Where, trade in services business quickly soared in the field of computer communications, information services, and even tourism services business services, royalties and then license. So, trade services soared by 37% from around US22 billion in 2005 to less US9billion in 2011.
2.3 ASEAN has become a popular foreign direct investment (FDI) destination.
Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam is a country where economic growth of ASEAN foreign direct investment in the (ASEAN) by a well-established economic. $56.7 billion the amount of FDI that is due to the ASEAN countries, FDI Singapore in 2012. Even, Singapore receive more FDI than countries Indonesia and Malaysia. Next, $ 294 million received by the Laos in the same year, likewise, 185% in the Philippines countries which has grown from 2011 to 2012, while FDI increased from $ 981million in 2011 to $ 2.8 billion in 2012. Philippines still in small amounts in the field of FDI among the five largest (ASEAN).
2.4 Living conditions in the ASEAN has improved.
Jointly held by the ASEAN secretariat and Indonesian ministry of cooperation’s and small and medium. Sizes enterprise (SME) the event was launch. ASEAN guidelines on improvement of rural living condition through are village on one product (OVOP) movement. Initiated in prefecture of japan in 1979, the movement became one of the successful regional economic programs due to its approaches in transform local product into competitive ones in local, national as well as global market. The overwhelming success of (OVOP) movement has motivated several ASEAN member states to adopt it into their own models under various names, for example, “ satu kampung satu produk “ in Brunei also “ 1 Malaysia “ in Malaysia.

This year Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) marks of 40th anniversary, while starting as a loose coalition of developing countries, (ASEAN) now recognized as an increasing capable regional and international player. The (ASEAN) charter which will become legally binding at the end of this year seeks to more effective mechanism for cooperation and coordination among Southeast Asian countries to address the pressures of globalization and the build – up longer, non – ASEAN neighbors, so during established (ASEAN) give more effect and attain the 1 (ASEAN) member state.
First, Bangkok Thailand country. Bangkok is geographically in probably the best position to take advantage of the (ASEAN) economic community (AEC), Bangkok is practically a central hub and this has been reflected in its main airport at Suvanarbumi when open in 2006. Suvarnabumi was built for capacity of 45 million passenger a years and despite the huge global recession of of the increase of economic on Bangkok when the airport will be expanded with a second terminal to handle 100 million passenger per-year and due to the increase demand. Even, the old bon Muang airport has been respond and is likely to continue to expand its services as that to easy high number of (AEC).
Second, Malaysia. Malaysia is a federal constitutional elective monarchy, the system of government is closely modelled on that of the Westminster parliamentary system. A legacy of British colonial rule. Malaysia is a legal system is based on English common law, although the judiciary is the practically independent. Its independence and has been called into question appointment of judge lacks accountability and transparency. Malaysia a founding member of the association of Southeast Asian nations (ASEAN).
Malaysia foreign policy is officially based on the principle of neutrality and maintaining peaceful relations with all countries, regardless of their political system. The government attaches a high priority to the security and stability of Southeast Asia, and seeks to future develop relations with other countries in the region while strengthening relations with other Islamic states. A strong tenet of Malaysia policy is national sovereignly and the right of a country to country to control is domestic affairs, Malaysia foreign policy is premised on establishing close and friendly relations with countries in the community on nations, it will continue to respect the international affairs of other nations and advocate a policy of non-inference recognizing the sovereignty of nations. The vision, to consistence that is to safeguard Malaysia national interests as well contribute towards a just and equitable community of nations. In line with objectives of promoting and protecting Malaysia interest abroad the ministry has established a total of 105 mission in 83 countries and appointed 53 honorary consuls provide support and assistance I promoting Malaysian interest aboard. On 15th December 2008, Malaysia played an instrument role in the formulation and adoption of the (ASEAN) charter which has been ratified by all (ASEAN) member states and subsequently entered into force. Malaysia was active in expanding the focus of OIC from being an organization focused solely on political issues based on the socio- economic development of Islamic countries. The “Islam Hadari” concept introduce by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and accepted and regained by the OIC member states at the 3rd special summit of OIC at Makah in December 2005.
Prime minister YAB Dato Sri Najib Tun Abdul Razak, leadership Malaysia will continue to project a forward looking and pragmatic foreign policy whilst continuing to facilitate trade, attract foreign investment as well as project Malaysia as a stable and peaceful country. On April 2009, the prime minister also stressed that Malaysia foreign policy under his administration would be shaped significantly by the “1 Malaysia “: people first, performance now concept. “ 1 Malaysia “ concept is realizing the strength of Malaysia lies in its diversity, tis concept bodes well with the main vision of Malaysia foreign policy that is to protect and promote interest abroad and at the same time responsibility and effectively contribute towards the building of a fair and just world.
Nowadays, we can see the concept of “1 Malaysia” that used give more impact and help to improve the countries to help the community of Malaysia life in peaceful and together to develop the Malaysian countries gain to 2020.
Third, Singapore. Singapore is a parliamentary republic with a west mister system of unicameral parliamentary government representing constituencies. The country constitution establishes a representative democracy as the political system. The legal system of Singapore is based on English common law, but substantial local differences. Trial by jury was abolished in 1970 so that judicial decisions would rest entirely in the hands of appointed judges. Besides that, Infrastructure, based science and technology, where Singapore provided by internet service providers (ISP) that offer residential services plan of speeds up to 1 Gbits come to increase to 80,000 job as in 2006. Next, education. English is the language of instruction in all public schools and all subject are taught and examined in English except for the “Mother tongue “language. “Mother tongue” in general refers to the first language internationally, the education system in Singapore. English language is the first language and mother tongue are second language, student who have been abroad for a while or who struggle with their “mother tongue” are allowed to take a simpler syllabus or drop the subject.
Singapore, on free trade agreements (FTA) network. (FTA) are superhighway that connect Singapore to major economics and new markets, with FTAs, Singapore, based exports and investors stands to enjoy a myriad to benefits like tariff concessions, preferential access to certain sectors faster entry into markets and intellectual property( IP) protection. Under the ASEAN free trade area (AFTA) in 1993, Singapore network of (FTA) has expanded to cover 20 regional and bilateral FTAs with 31 trading partners. Singapore, FTAs have been instrument in helping Singapore based business strengthen cross. Border trade by eliminating or reducing import tariff rates, providing preferential access to services sectors, easing investment rules, improving intellectual property regulations and opening government procurement opportunities.

Association of Southeast Asian nations (ASEAN), was established on 8 August 1967, in Bangkok Thailand, during the development the ASEAN more various rapid progress and developed have established by every member country based on political, economic social also current issues to increase the country and improve each of path their weak and collaborate to solve any problems that member states.

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