Programming Language And Procedural Programming

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One of the major paradigms in programming language is Object Oriented programming. In modern software engineering object oriented programming is considered as the major concept, as it allows the programmer to facilitate clean and efficient code. Apart from this, the design patterns of object oriented programming suits well with most of the computing issues. Object oriented programming produces well organized code and also focuses on determinant of productivity. In this report we will discuss and compare objected oriented programming language and procedural programming language along with the genesis of OOP. Role of OOP in modern programming solutions. Object oriented programming roused the software industry in early 90’s. It is considered as the most influential programming language as it is modular, discoverable and extensible in nature. The programs written using object oriented model is entirely based on objects and computations that are performed on objects are solely expressed as message sent from one object to another. One of the advantages of using object oriented programming language is that, the object created in one program can be used in other program so that the application issues can be solved, this is called abstraction. OOP also provide a wide range of libraries that can be used for developing applications in various domains. OOP programming compared to Procedural programming: Programs can be written in two ways, one is using procedure oriented model and other is using object oriented model. Both of these programming approaches have similar methods of writing a program which include top-bottom approach, bottom-up approach, structured programming, and modular programming. The main aim of both the programming models i... ... middle of paper ... ...rogramming language is C++, was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs and is used for graphical applications. Next evolution of Computer Programming: Technology changes rapidly and therefore anticipating the future of technology is difficult. But some speculations can be made based on the current use of programming language. The programming languages in future will use dynamic typing as by default with type interference in order to optimize the performance. Manifest typing i.e. typing annotations will be available to the programmers who want to use it. The programming languages will be open source and specification will not be controlled by the vendor, instead it will be published and will be available freely. Apart from this programming languages in future will be strictly based object oriented model at the base and will also include the other paradigms too.

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