Essay on Program Theory : Wibo 's Mission, Goals And Objectives

Essay on Program Theory : Wibo 's Mission, Goals And Objectives

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Program Theory
WIBO’s Mission, Goals and Objectives
WIBO is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to empower minority small business owners and entrepreneurs located in underserved communities to be able to start, operate and build successful businesses (WIBO, n.da). Moreover, by creating successful businesses these small business owners and entrepreneurs will develop economic power and provide jobs in their underserved communities (WIBO, n.da). WIBO’s goal is to increase the financial success of small businesses in underserved communities WIBO annually serves 1,500 entrepreneurs per year and is managed by four staff member who manage workshops, volunteers and support functions (Workshop, n.db). WIBO does not have objectives and does not explicitly state its program theory, which is the way the program is intended to work.
WIBO’s Budget
WIBO uses financial contributions to support activities. According to WIBO’s IRS 990 form for 2012, WIBO generated $799,001 in revenue (GuideStar, n.d). WIBO received $658,272 in contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations . From normal services such as consulting, WIBO generated $140,602. In 2012 WIBO used $341,500 to conduct workshops, $42,000 to conduct business training for prisoners and $57, 500 for free monthly business seminars (GuideStar, n.d). WIBO’s small business advertising, networking events as well as outreach costed $31,500 (GuideStar, n.d).
WIBO’s Functions and Activities
By providing workshops, consulting, business information seminars and small business advertising WIBO seeks to improve the success of small businesses located in underserved communities. Taught by over 150 volunteers, WIBO alumni’s and business professionals teach annual spring an...

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... home based child care providers (Child, n.d).” The workshops consisted of many areas that were similar to WIBO’s workshop.
Observation and Second Focus Group
To assess the service utilization plan we will attend the 1-2 workshops at each of the 8 WIBO sites. At the end of these workshops we would like to interview WIBO workshop participants asking questions such as how they became involved with the program, are workshops sites accessible, are the workshops hours reasonable, and are classes given in different languages. We will then assess the organizational plan by contacting the teachers of these workshops and setting up two focus groups. We would like to have teachers from different sites to compare activities and support resources. We would ask the teachers questions such as whether there are enough resources to conduct the workshops and what needs to be added.

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