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Program Theory For Take Stock Essay

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Program Theory for Take Stock in Children
Take Stock in Children is a state-wide program that offers mentoring, scholarships and optimism to low income/minority students in order to provide them the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty through hard work, dedication and education. It was founded in 1995 and they have served over 16,000 children in 67 counties. They have over $109 million in Florida Prepaid Foundation Assets with over 7,500 mentors aiding their scholars. The goal is to aspire their students to education beyond high school and to work harder in school in order to make that happen. They begin to reach their students in middle school, then continuing through high school and also transitioning with them through college. With a multiple-year commitment to their students, their main principle is to give extensive support, motivation and accountability so students will strive to graduate from high school as well as receive a college degree. The organization’s long-term goal is to end the cycle of poverty, crime and illiteracy through education. This is achieved by students attaining a marketable skill and/or degree and becoming a positive contributing member to the community. The short term goals are to reduce the number of high school dropouts and increase the number of students who finish college and enter the workforce successfully. The Jacksonville program partners with Goodwill Industries of North Florida and Florida State college of Jacksonville to provide jobs and education for not only their scholars but for their parents as well. This allows the parents to go back to school while also working in order to increase their income potential.
Take Stock in Children has multiple reasons why the program is needed of...

... middle of paper ... in order to improve their education. Whether it is to get their GED or Associate Degree, assisting the parents is essential as they are the foundation of the student’s life and seeing their parents take classes and earn more income will inspire them to do the same. They also have advocates at FSCJ that can support and sponsor the students that want to attend college. This is another portion of the program that aids them to reach their goals as they have people that are familiar with higher education to support both their scholars and parents.
Take Stock in Children is a great organization that has many different elements that work together in order to benefit the community. Assisting low income families through mentoring, college scholarships, part-time jobs and many other features they are able to work toward their goal of ending poverty, crime and illiteracy.

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