Essay about Program And Context Of The City Of Fond Du Lac And Lakeside Park

Essay about Program And Context Of The City Of Fond Du Lac And Lakeside Park

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1. Program and Context:
a. The program I am working with will be the Petting Zoo put on by the National Exchange Club every summer from the end of May to the beginning of summer. This program started in the 1980’s and it has evolved drastically over the past few decades. They don’t have personalized website for their branch, but they do have a website within The National Exchange Club main page. There website is:

This program was put into place to bring the city of Fond du Lac together. The city parks program is one of the best park systems in the state in my opinion. The city of Fond du Lac and Lakeside Park built a barn in the middle of Lakeside Park for a group or business to lease so they could bring some farm animals for people in the city to enjoy. The nonprofit organization, the Exchange Club, signed the lease 5 years ago and will be in charge of the program for the next 10 years at least. A lot of people have never been near farm animals and this is a good place to get that experience. There are people that come from all over the world to visit this Petting Zoo.

You would be surprised at the number of adults that visit the Zoo and say that they have never seen a goat in real life before. Today, there are organizations in the city that collaborate with the group. Groups that help with special needs kids bring their kids to the park all the time because they say it helps the kids in multiple ways. It makes them happy and some people even believe that is can help the kid’s health. There are a growing number of schools that go on field trips to see the animals. With a growing inner city population, young childre...

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...e set up, which a barn and a fence and a gate to enter. This past year, the Exchange Club paid around $14,000 to fund this program. Organizations that partner with this program are the city of Fond du Lac, the Arc, and Cristo Rey Ranch.
4. Explore the literature:
a. The book talks about auditing, research, and education and staff development. This is a start to try and find the best way to evaluate this program. This link has a program put on by the national branch:

This would be a good program to base the evaluation off of. The organization has a similar goal to my program I am evaluating. The goal is to make the community better and the lives of people in the community better. It is also a great example of collaboration and partnering with another organization.

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