Essay about Profit Process And Efficient Markets

Essay about Profit Process And Efficient Markets

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Earnings Process and Efficient Markets
The practice of insider trading is nothing new in the world the financial markets. Many have been doing it along the fringes of the established law; however, technology has now allowed many more people to be caught in the process. Raj Rajaratnam was prosecuted for making approximately 45 million for insider tips received from corporate executives and the illegality of such types of trades are not well known by the general public (Hansen, 2014).
When taking a sample of three companies at random on any particular day, technology now allows anyone with Internet access to be able to look for what is known as surprise gains as well as surprise losses. The below table is a listing from June 6 of 2016 of the top three companies that had surprise gains as well as surprise losses. The price change percentage that is calculated is based on the five-charts for each company from the date the earnings were released to the public.

("Zacks," 2016, p. 1)
It is worth noting that most of the news issued for all of the stocks that are in the table were done ...

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