Profilling Ethical Leadership Essay

Profilling Ethical Leadership Essay

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Leaders are considered as people who “generally implement ethical programs in order to influence an organizations climate” (Yukl, 2010). To any organizations, leadership plays an important role to empower another people to follow them. Therefore, ethical leadership can be defined as the process of impacting people through rules, principles, beliefs and values. I recognized that every leaders tend to have a highly ethical in their business practices. Ethical leadership will help leaders to lead their employees as legitimate. Because when the employees have the trust in the leader, they will “follow the organization’s managers, do what managers say, and see managers’ leadership as legitimate” (Velasquez, 2006). Therefore, ethics has become the key component of effective management.
Ethic leadership is mainly constructed by society. Society direct the moral standards which make up the discipline of ethics (Velasquez, 2006). But deciding what is ethical and what is not is dependent on the leader. Most scholars consider moral to be an important aspect of ethical leadership (Yukl, 2010, p409) because ethics is all about behavior and in leadership, leaders need to base on their integrity to take the “right” and “good” path when they come to the ethical decisions. In order to become an effective leader, morals and ethic need to be combined together. When a leader has his/her integrity and it just in its decision that in turn creates a more relaxed cohesive working environment. Besides, they need to stay the course and lead with their integrity.
Becoming professional ethics and values will help people have impact on their career. From deciding where to work or what to do to how to make decisions within the organization, leaders all hav...

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...hing is more important is education for every organizations. With an understanding foundation and its attention on both increasing its bottom line and being a good corporate citizen, organizations will have the better attitude in doing CSR as a spontaneous work.

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