Profiling is a Necessary Means for Discovering and Apprehending Criminals

Profiling is a Necessary Means for Discovering and Apprehending Criminals

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Many studies have been made in the field of criminology, concluding that profiling is a necessary means for discovering and apprehending criminals. There are many different types of profiling and many people think of profiling differently; however, all types of profiling does work and is proven to help stop crime. This paper will explore the following: profiling and different forms of it, the closely related stop and frisk policy, different cities that have proven statistics that profiling does work, how airports are now profiling, and different serial killers that have been apprehended due to work from profilers.
9/11 led to a re-evaluation of racial profiling as a means of combating crime, and terrorism. Indeed, many people who have passed through American airports since the intensified post-9/11 screening procedures were put into place have complained about the seemingly absurd application of rigorous searching applied to young children, elderly couples, and other highly improbable threats to airplane security. Many commentators believe that more focused screening, especially targeting individuals corresponding to the ethnic profile of known terrorists (e.g., young men of Arab extraction) is warranted (Milton). Because of the attacks airport security is now aloud to profile which in the future will help to stop terrorism. This kind of profiling can be racist at times but it has to be to insure the safety of passengers, so if it offends some Arab people it is ok, its not their fault but they fit the profile since most terrorists are Arib. How profilers usually make a profile is by gathering information about the person and piecing together the notes and stuff that they do to try and get a better picture of the killer. The nex...

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