The Profile : Computer Science Essay

The Profile : Computer Science Essay

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The Profile: Computer Science
Computer scientists are stereotypically mistaken for nerds. Society sees them as geeks who spend almost their entire life staring at a monitor. "Another historic issue has been the nerd stereotype, or the related perception that computer science is only for boys, both of which reduce “coolness” among teenagers and thus student turnout," said Hadi Partovi, the founder/investor of Quora. In a Forbes article Partovi mentioned the problem with how society views computer enthusiasts as a group of people. Here, Partovi explained that people usually see computer science as a "lame" subject because they often perceive it as nerdy and is only available for males. Richard Triplett disagrees with this belief. He thinks that people choose computer science because of its uniqueness. Although he considers himself a geek, Richard believes that computer science is not a subject only for "lame nerds."
Growing up, Triplett was obsessed with watching anime and playing computer games. He spent a great deal of time on the computer, for which he eventually became interested in it. His decision to study computer science in college originated from there. Initially, the reason for this decision was his desire to go into animation. He wanted to make animation for a living, which is why he considers himself a "big time nerd." But even so, upon stepping foot into Dillard University, Triplett found that there is much more to computer science than what meets the eye. "Computer science is just so much bigger than I thought," Triplett said, "it is like opening a bag of chips that you thought was empty, only to find out there are more at the bottom." He realized that it is more than just animation, games, or other geeky computer...

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In the future, Richard wants to land a good job and become a highly-skilled programmer. "Someday, I want to be successful, to show others that I 'm more than what they think I am," said Triplett. Despite going into the field as a "nerd," Richard sees himself studying computer science as something significant. He does not want to study computer science because it is a geeky thing to do. Rather, he wants to study it for it is his enthusiasm.
As a young computer enthusiast going into the field of computer science, Richard has to surpass the challenges that lie ahead. The path to his success is filled with many obstacles. He has to overcome being socially awkward and improve his communication skills. Additionally, he has to work hard even if people look down upon him. Furthermore, Richard must look past the way society thinks of him and work his way to happiness.

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