Essay on Professionalism : Personal Definition Of Professionalism

Essay on Professionalism : Personal Definition Of Professionalism

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Kimberly Peters
Baker College

Personal Definition of Professionalism
My personal definition of professionalism is behaving in a manner that is respectful to all individuals in all facets including communication, dress, and actions at work and in the community. This includes putting forth one’s best effort at all times to the best of his/her ability regardless of what stressors may exist. A professional will focus on the job at hand and accomplish the task without allowing for distractions. A professional works hard and is confident in his/her skills to perform the job at hand successfully. A professional will not run away from problems, but face them and solve them. A professional is fair at all times and earns the trust and respect of others by being consistent. A professional will “think before he/she speaks.” A professional does not use offensive language, but speaks in a confident and kind manner, never discriminating against anyone. Professionals maintain their reputation at work and in the community and are looked up to as role models.
Professional Behavior in the Nursing Profession
Professional behavior is crucial in the nursing profession for patients to receive the utmost care. Studies done have shown nurses with professional mindfulness continuously check in on their patients and really recognize how multifaceted nursing is in contrast to those who did not exhibit as much professionalism (Bunkenborg, 2012). Not only does professionalism affect the patient directly, but when professionalism lacks among colleagues, that lack of collaboration affects patient care (Shepard, 2013). Sadly, bullying among nurses has become so prevalent that in 2012, the Am...

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...will open many doors for me in my future career.


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