Professionalism Is The Moral Understanding Among Professionals Essay

Professionalism Is The Moral Understanding Among Professionals Essay

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Professionalism in the workplace is one of the most important concepts to adhere to. According to Sullivan, “Professionalism is the moral understanding among professionals that gives concrete reality to this social contract” (, p.) A positive impression on fellow coworkers and bosses is something to strive for, but it doesn’t end with fellow employees; patients/families are the reason that each of you are there and that you and your coworkers have a job. I believe to be professional in the workplace you must arrive early or with enough time to be ready to begin your scheduled shift, dressed appropriately, and ready to perform your duties. You should work as a team member, displaying a positive attitude, communicating and contributing as a team, and not limit your interactions to coworkers, but to incorporate these qualities while keeping lines of communication open with patients and/or their family members. I believe an important key aspect to being professional and successful in nursing is honest and respectful communication.
Two types of communication that I would like to address are: verbal and nonverbal. Communication is one of the most important and valuable tools, which nurses should implement throughout their daily activities. Having worked in the nursing field for many years, I haven’t always recognized my role which is to understand the importance of following doctor’s orders while accommodating a patient’s and/or patient’s families’ needs. When my sister was hospitalized, with Encephalitis and Meningitis, I learned firsthand the value placed on a nurse who can accommodate both the doctor’s requests and the patients/families need for understanding when communicating the diagnosis, plan of treatment, expectation...

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... S sit at an angle to the client, U is uncross legs and arms, R is relax, E is eye contact, T is touch, and Y is your intuition” (2011, p. 395-398).
Professionalism should be an integral part of every interaction we have as human beings. It is important to be professional in each contact we make. Professionalism in all interactions would display respect, compassion, interest, collaborative ideas, and a desire to work together. Professionalism requires communication. It exudes confidence and knowledge. It means to advocate for the weak and to strive to inform and assure both the patient and their family members. Professionalism is difficult during times of stress but is also most necessary. It is imperative to remain calm, and to me is one of the most important things that I need to do not only at work, but with all interactions between myself and other persons.

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