Essay about Professionalism And Professional Boundaries Of The Nursing Profession

Essay about Professionalism And Professional Boundaries Of The Nursing Profession

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Professionalism and Professional Boundaries in the Nursing Profession
Professionalism and staying within professional boundaries is not only a critical part of maintaining your patient’s trust, but it is also a law that nurses must follow to remain practicing. Patients are vulnerable to the nurse in this position, so the nurse must be careful not to break this trust. Professional boundaries are the gap between the nurse’s professional position and the vulnerability of the patient. Nurses are required to abide by privacy standards to protect the patient and to practice a therapeutic relationship. A therapeutic relationship is the medium between under-involvement and over-involvement, and is the zone where nurses should remain. One reason why it is so important that nurses do not overstep their boundaries, is that nurses are respected, trusted, and valued by patients. It is important to keep this reputation to be successful in this field (Black, 2014).
According to Black (2014), professional nursing is the protection and promotion of good health, preventing illness and injury, and relieving suffering through treatment and diagnosis. Nurses are also known as advocates in the care of individuals and their support systems. In order to fulfill these roles, a successful nurse must be a very compassionate person who stays true to her morals and is willing to take responsible action. Nursing is a career that is highly based on values. As a person, I value honesty, civility, compassion, and striving to be the best of my ability. My personal values are very similar to those that the nursing profession is based on. There are fourteen points that determine a nurse’s development of nursing professionalism. Some of these points are: being civ...

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...t the nurse is there to do her duties to make sure that the patient is correctly cared for. This type of health care also helps nurses distinguish between social and professional relationships with their patients (Black, 2014).
Professionalism is an extremely important part of the nursing field. Nurses are typically thought of as respected and trusted individuals. In order to keep this reputation, nurses must aware of their professional boundaries and strive to remain professional in all aspects of their career. There are many resources that act as guides to maintaining these boundaries in the healthcare profession. These standards are set as laws that governs nurses so that they know which actions are not acceptable. It is important for nurses to stay true to their values, focus on the interest of the patient, and be aware of becoming too involved with patients.

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