Professional Standards Core Proposition For Students Essay

Professional Standards Core Proposition For Students Essay

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. As a practical educator, I am concerned with a students’ self-concept, and this is part of the National Board for Professional Standards core proposition one that is about teachers showing a commitment to students and learning (National Board Professional Standards, 2012). I believe that Lisa and other students that come from a similar background need positive feedback and encouragement that will help keep them motivated.
It is important that you keep parents up to speed on what is taking place in the classroom. In my experience, when you communicate with parents and family, it gives that student more of a drive to succeed. Part of being responsible for managing and monitoring student learning is being able to explain student performance to parents (National Board Professional Standards, 2012). This particular assignment I gave Lisa and the rest of class was the last task of the six-week grading period. What I like to do at the end of the six-week grading period is send out emails or letters to all parents, letting them know what the learning objectives are and what different activities or tasks we will be doing as a class in the new six week period. Parents appreciate the feedback and feel that they are a part of their child’s educational plan. There is another stigma attached to low-income parents, and that is they do not care about their child’s education. In my experience in dealing with parents of all cultures, and backgrounds, that stigma is so far from the truth. Regardless of a students’ socioeconomic background, it is important that I keep high expectations for all children.
Students like Lisa that come from low, socioeconomic backgrounds, want to learn just like any other student. However, one of the main differenc...

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...arn. A teacher needs to understand what diversity and multicultural education are about. In today’s classroom, there are students with learning disabilities as well as physical disabilities. It is important as a teacher in a diverse classroom that you know how to accommodate those students in your class. Students with a physical impairment such as a student that is deaf need to be in the front of the class along with their interpreter to ensure learning can take place. John cannot stand for extended periods of time, so bringing a chair is a simple accommodation I can do for him. The cooperative learning environment or small groups is an excellent strategy that I use in all of my classes. I need to continue to improve my skills in teaching diverse students, and I can do that by taking advantage of the many professional development workshops that my district offers.

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