The Professional Role Of Nurses Essay

The Professional Role Of Nurses Essay

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Nursing is a highly respectable and honorable profession in the field of medicine. Since the emergence of the field of medicine in the world the role of nurses is highly appreciated all around the world. With the help of their kind attitude and effective communication, nurses can help the patients get complete information about their morbidity and act accordingly. Nurses can also help the patients come out of the emotional trauma experienced by them as a result of the frequent episodes of illness. In addition to that, the good communication skills can help the nurses get accurate information about the detailed signs and symptoms related to the particular illness.
The professional role of a nurse is to respect the safety and well-being of their patients in a safe environment, be able to use clear, accurate and effective communication skills in a professional manner. One of the fundamental roles in nursing is the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship. “The nurse establishes and maintains this key relationship by using nursing knowledge, skills, communication as well as applying caring attitudes and mannerisms” (Pullen, 2010).
All nurses are expected to follow the 6C’s of nursing, which are as followed, care, compassion, commitment, courage, communication and competence. These attributes contribute to their professionalism, the 6cs provide values and principles that all nurses should follow. “Each of the 6cs are equally important, caring is at the heart of what nurses do, and this is how they will enable patients to get back to a good standard of health and wellbeing. Compassion helps nurses to build a therapeutic relationship with their patients, being compassionate means to show dignity, respect and empathy towards the patients i...

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The legal implications of the privacy and confidentiality are also widely discussed. The field of nursing is particularly prone to the irregularities associated with the legal issues. Although it has been codified that only pertinent and related information can be shared with the very close family members of the patients. But the legal actions taken against those who breach this code are lacking in quality. The legal documents of the national health policy clearly state the guideline about the specific penalty for those who are found guilty.
“Ethics are incredibly important in nursing practice. It ensures that patients are being treated in a correct manner. There’s a delicate balance between applying many of the principles, such as beneficence and paternalism” (Anderson, 2000) Nursing is moral/ethical activity. According to Storch (2009) the nurses have to

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