Essay on Professional Relations : Professional Stagnation

Essay on Professional Relations : Professional Stagnation

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How often have you wondered that a friend/acquaintance of yours has been consistently and constantly climbing up the professional ladder year on year and you on the other hand have kind of got stuck at a particular place for a long time now.

This is a clear case of Professional stagnation. Situations of professional stagnation are very dangerous for the concerned individual mentally and eventually physically in addition to professional setbacks which often lead to demotivation/ discontentment/ loss of interest in the job/ hating the job etc. In addition to this; the company is also at a loss; having a workforce which is not fully apt at handling the challenges or pressures of their jobs; or they do not like being in this situation.

They have no intention to perform and raise the standards of their output. There is no zeal in them left for the job that they are doing and they are generally going through their motions performing daily functions. Professional stagnation is one problem which is plaguing almost every industry and is a major cause of concern for people who run these businesses.

Professionals should regularly introspect and analyze where they are heading too in their professional endeavors and should take corrective measures simultaneously in order to avoid reaching a stage of professional stagnation. One has to realize that no one on this earth will come like a Genie and pull them out of their situation. They themselves will have to take drastic steps in order to turnaround for better. There is an anecdote: if you are not able to enhance your current situation!! Change it. This is more often than not true and believe you me such changes are always for the better.

To dwell further; the option of changing the situatio...

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...fight against professional stagnation.

• Focus on service delivery: provide exceptional service with great attitude, courtesy, by being responsive to customers needs, go out of your way to provide exceptional service. You are bound to get noticed by your customers and eventually by your employers.

• Positive thinking: one of the essentials to fight professional stagnation. A positive frame of mind can work wonders. Gives the individuals an ability to think out of the box and chase a dream no matter how difficult the situation might be.

• Enjoy your work: to perform and come over professional stagnation; one needs to enjoy the work he or she is doing. Once you start enjoying your work; it automatically starts showing on your performance; one tends to have a fearless approach towards difficult situations and is ready to take things head on in order to overcome them.

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