Professional Knowledge At A High School As A Learning Support Assistant ( Lsa )

Professional Knowledge At A High School As A Learning Support Assistant ( Lsa )

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Professional Knowledge
Throughout my bachelor of education at the University of Canberra, I have had the opportunity to also work at a high school as a learning support assistant (LSA), both opportunities have exposed me to a large range of content–based pedagogies. I have also been able to put learnt knowledge into practice, through finding best practice pedagogies for individual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Often the students that I work with are dis-engaged or feel they don’t know what is being taught in class. Through this experience I have been able to individualise my pedagogy to suit a multiple of different learning styles and ability levels with a large amount of success with many students.
The success that I have achieved with the students is strongly related to the respectful relationships that I have developed with the students, their families, classroom teachers as well as the Indigenous liaison officer and pastoral care officer. Working together as a team has created a net of success for these students.
During my second practicum placement at Harrison (primary), I had a large range of abilities when it came to mathematics. While teaching a unit on fractions I differentiated on four different levels, ranging from using visuals to multiple processing word questions. This was a rewarding experience for most students were actively engaged at their different levels. I had the lowest ability students achieving success and the highest students challenged.
The combination of my degree at the University of Canberra, my diverse practical placements and especially the experience I have gained from working at a High School has been an enlightening experience in which I have gained valuable professional kn...

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...the best for the student, we were able to work together and achieve an amicable outcome.
Due to the diverse nature of my students I have often had to speak to parents about their children’s behaviour such as stealing as well as having to pass on and discuss information that has been disclosed to me by a student. I discuss this information for I have an ethical responsibility for care and safety of my students.
I am extremely passionate about my student succeeding not only while they are at school but into the future. I am very conscious that success now will set them up for a better future, one in which they can achieve their goals, whatever they maybe. I am committed to every student and work hard to find the reasons behind undesirable behaviour, unfinished work or disengagement. I have no doubt this passion will grow and strengthen my commitment to teaching.

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