Essay on Professional Issues Of A Medical Professional

Essay on Professional Issues Of A Medical Professional

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Chinwenwa Iheme
Professional Issues

A medical Professional is generally someone in the healthcare field. Medical Professionals are part of a team that delivers services related to humans or animal’s health. Examples of Medical professionals are, physicians; nurses; Medical Laboratory Scientists, and dentists. A Medical professional you must attain a level of education and certification required for a specific medical profession. There are many medical professions; each requires a certain level of education, training and certification. A medical professional must be able to accept responsibility for their patient’s safety. Although educational competency is highly valued, professionals must be of ethical character. They must display integrity, honesty, care and respect to their patients and colleagues.

A medical practitioner must be able to display professionalism. Professionalism can be viewed as good behavior, trust, professional values, skills and competence a professional or nonprofessional displays. For example, in medical laboratory science there are certain behaviors, codes of conducts, values, skills and competences expected across the board. For an individual in this field, a display of values, behaviors, codes of conducts, skills and competencies specific to the Medical Laboratory science program is called professionalism. Professionalism can be seen in the way an individual relates to people. An example of a context anyone can display professionalism is during an interview. During an interview, one is expected to behave professionally even when the job is not a professional job. Professionalism can be displayed by anybody.

Professionalism is important for health care practitioners because of the nature of the wor...

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...actitioners need to be aware of this issues and it consequence in order provide a maximum service to their patient. It is important for student and working practitioners alike to be aware of and well informed on these issues because it part of their duties, it shows their level of education, and It maintain professionalism. Professional organizations are also there to educate their members on professionalism. Therefore, member should use this opportunity to grow personally and improve in the professional behaviors. Lastly, maintaining professionalism is a must to medical professional in other to avoid lawsuits and other harassment related issue from both patient and their fellow co-worker. Order will allow each medical professional to knows what guidelines to follow. And it will serve as barrier not cross and a goal to accomplish to maintain integrity.

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