Essay Professional Identity Behind Registered Nurses

Essay Professional Identity Behind Registered Nurses

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Professional standards aren’t only for the safety of our clients, but also to keep a very professional identity behind Registered Nurses (RNs). Furthermore, it provides a stable, consistent environment to work in. These standards are provided and upheld by Canadian Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) (CRNBC, 2012). CRNBC requests all nurses in B.C. to participate in upholding all standards, along with all indicators. Failure to follow these guidelines could end in criminal charges or termination depending on the issue.
Being an RN can be overwhelming and traumatic, but there are very rewarding moments too. For instance, nurses at a hospital in Thailand decided to experiment and develop a “Fairy Garden” for sick children in pediatrics (Riet, Jitsacorn, Junlapeeya, Dedkhard, Thursby, 2014). This garden allowed children to gather together and enjoy others company that were in similar circumstances and hospitalized. The nurses aided the children in activities, gatherings and an overall better hospital experience. This not only had a positive impact on the clients, but also made the RNs jobs a lot less hectic. Results included “… threads of happiness, relaxation and calmness, imagination, spirituality and cooperation…” all of which made the hospitalized youth less mindful about their illness or disease (Riet et al., 2014). This conclusively proved that the nurses used Standard 3, Indicators 2, 6, and 7 by passionately using client care as effectively as possible. Furthermore, the nurses watched their boundaries and by doing this they ensured they were include of every person from that ward. The RNs also informed all other staff of what the procedure was, associated benefits and how it could improve client care and practice...

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...decisions that are appropriate for the client. Ethical practice involves the knowledge of knowing when to step in and the appropriate time to take action. Further, this circumstance has a role in Standard 2 too. Indicators 3, 4 and 7 leads Early to use critical thinking skills with sexual assault cases and apply those skills when applicable. Also, utilizing data collection, assessment skills, and most importantly physical assessment to improve the wellness of the person. In addition, Early had determination to increase the speed of the ER with sexual assault patients. She wanted to treat them with effective care, and improve the ERs strategies so the patient would feel secure in this setting. Using specific Standards, Early demonstrated the use of many, but also incorporated the intelligence she possessed to help those with sexual assault cases the best way possible.

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