Essay on Professional Development : Subject Specialist Teaching

Essay on Professional Development : Subject Specialist Teaching

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Diploma Peer Observation Record of Reflections
Professional Development: Subject Specialist Teaching
a. Make notes either during or immediately following your observation of another teacher, remembering that the focus for this module and peer observation is on how Maths, English and ICT are embedded in the subject specialism, and the strategies used for teaching the subject specialism NB: you are not assessing the teacher or asked to make a judgement on the teacher you are observing; the observation is for your own development.
b. Collect a copy of the lesson plan from the observation as you will need to attach it to this completed form before you submit it to your tutor.
c. After the observation, read through your notes and reflect on what you have observed and how you approach embedding Maths, English and ICT in your own teaching.
d. Finally, complete the form reflecting on development points from the session

Teacher Observed: SUE Bramhbett Observer: Linda Mc Loughlin
Time of Observation: 9:30 – 10:30 Date of observation:
Venue: Classroom Subject: Numeracy
Number of students in attendance: Type of organisation/context: Purpose built College in a prison setting
1. Write a paragraph setting the context for the session, the subject specialism and the learners
The key concept of the lesson I observed, was for the students to gain confidence in solving word problems, embedded in life skills and reading comprehension. The specific lesson outcomes were to identify operation required to solve word problems. The learners were of mixed ability, Entry level 2 – Entry level 3. The tutor had the learning objective on the board, and instructed the learners to write the instruction in their workbooks. Due to the nature of t...

... middle of paper ... on the IWB.
b) In a mentor role, what specific advice would you give your observe in order to help them to develop and extend their practice?
As a mentor, my advice to my colleague, would be to use a graphic organiser, set out in a table format relevant to the topic. This would further embed English and support her learner’s attainment. For example, “maths word problem” to create a graphic organiser to include the main idea, supporting details, keywords and a section to show your working – out. This method would give the learners the opportunity to check their answers satisfies the criteria, organise and guide their thinking, make connection, identify areas of focus in a broad topic, and practise their literacy skills. Furthermore, this practise would also afford the teacher a platform to measure the student’s attainment in both literacy and numeracy.

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