Professional Development : Improving Student Achievement Essay

Professional Development : Improving Student Achievement Essay

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Professional development refers to a lifelong, systematic process whereby individuals and teams of individuals collective and collaborative learn by doing and working together to analyze and impact professional practices and procedures to improve student achievement through a daily job-embedded, learner-centered, focused approach. The purpose of professional development is to strategically and systematically increase student achievement through the implementation of a rigorous and relevant curriculum. A well-devised professional development system enhances classroom practices and procedures to prepare students for college and career readiness. Professional development, with a focus on researched-based strategies, is the key component for continuous improvement. High-quality professional development is at the core of strengthening the development and performance of educators to improve student learning and achievement. Professional development that enables educators to obtain new content knowledge to facilitate student learning is a powerful practice that influences student achievement.
An effective professional development system measures the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that educators will gain as a result of the professional development strategies, techniques and activities outlined in the plan. A professional development system should always be in alignment with standards. This professional development system will focus on teacher effectiveness. The effectiveness of a teacher has a major impact on student learning and student achievement.

Professional Development (Promoting Effectiveness and Growth)
The world of education today is ever changing. As teachers get into a routine of implementation of standards ...

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...c and relevant training targeted for improving teacher performance; (3) Appropriate support to support implementation of new knowledge learned; and (4) Integration with individual professional development plan.
Professional development is critical to the success of a school; furthermore, to the success of teachers. Principals, whose schools are successful, have a strong professional development program. These principals value the growth and development of the staff. Principal’s support of professional development is the most important factor influencing teachers’ decisions to participate in professional development. The quality of teachers is critical to the success of a school. The principal has the responsibility for the selection of highly qualified teachers, establishing a support system for teachers, and mentorship of novice teachers and other staff members

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