Professional Development And Developing Personal Skills Essay

Professional Development And Developing Personal Skills Essay

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In this week of practice I have engaged in professional development and developing personal skills as my colleague and I decided to attend a full day pediatric workshop at McMaster Children 's hospital. The workshop covered topics such as medication administration, head to toe assessments, CPR, and growth and development. I found this workshop insightful for my practice as it pertains to my client’s population. I have learned several things from this workshop that I could utilize in my placement regarding the growth and development, such as the refreshing CPR training, the physiological responses of children, and conditions children are prone to have. However, I felt that the information provided would be more applicable to a pediatric clinical setting because of emphasis of physical assessments and treatment interventions. This opportunity has provided me with the knowledge that is not heavily discussed in the program, and has broadened my knowledge on a specific population which can assist me with future pediatric clients in clinical and community settings.
This week I am in the planning stage of my learning plan, as my colleague and I are researching and gathering resources for next week’s presentation of dental hygiene. This topic will cover the importance of dental hygiene, how to maintain dental health, dentist visits, and consequences of not taking care of your teeth. Furthermore, my colleague and I scheduled teachers for next week’s presentation of dental hygiene. A problem that I encountered was that a few teachers were not present on the day we wanted to schedule them for the following week’s presentation. Therefore, we would have to schedule them the week after for the lesson into the time slots that are avai...

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...he food we have provided. We have demonstrated ways to eat nutritious without comprising the taste. We prepared hummus with pita and naan bread, fruit skewers, fruit salad, Greek salad, vegetable trays, crackers and cheese as snacks.
This week of practice I am in the evaluation stage of my learning plan. I have received my written evaluations from teachers, as well as oral feedback from teachers and students. Also, I have received my preceptors feedback for the semester and have reviewed it with her. A problem that arose this week was that one of the teacher 's smart board was not working. To solve this problem, we had used an older television as most of the Dairy Farmers of Ontario educators presentation was electronically based. For next week: to purchase a gift with my colleague for my preceptor and preceptor 's class, and bid farewell to the staff and students.

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