Professional Code Of Ethics : Professional Ethics Essay

Professional Code Of Ethics : Professional Ethics Essay

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Professional Code of Ethics
A code of ethics establishes how professionals theoretical approach problems based upon the ethical principles of the organizations core values and standards to which the professional will be held. Most organizations have some types of code of ethics. Personal ethics are quite different from professional ethics. Personal ethics refers to the ethics that a person may identify with in respect to people and situations that they deal with in everyday life, however professional ethics refers to the ethics that a person must adhere to in their interaction and business dealings in their professional life regardless of personal feelings. A doctor may not personally believe that the course of medical treatment chosen by a patient is the right one, under the Code of Ethics for New Zealand Medical Association, the doctor must respect the rights, autonomy, and freedom of choice of the patient. Having a code of helps to maintain the integrity and consistency of the health care organization as it pertains to relationships with colleagues, patients or others served; members of healthcare executive’s organization and other organizations; the community; and society as a whole (“Professional Ethics and Codes of Conduct”, n.d.).
Most often than not people draw a line between personal and professional roles. Professional ethics are important in health care as with other organizations that service the needs of individuals. Each organizations set principles that govern the behavior, how a professional should act toward clients and other institutions. American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Code of Ethics incorporates standards of ethical behavior governing individual behavior particular the conduct directly...

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... in organizations that service the needs of individuals. This provide codes of conduct acceptable of that profession and ensures the public, as they build confidence in the profession’s trustworthiness. Profession codes of ethics provide benefits to Members of the profession are, as they provide a supporting framework for resisting pressure to act inappropriately, and for making acceptable decisions in what may be ‘grey areas’. The profession as a whole will have a common understanding of acceptable practice which builds collegiality and allows for fairer disciplinary procedures and others dealing with the profession, as the profession will be seen as more reliable and easier to deal with. Many issues are less likely to occur when there is a Code of Ethics and that code is implemented at the executive level and the behavior is modeled throughout the organization.

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