Essay Professional Career And Social Work

Essay Professional Career And Social Work

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As I get settled into the first semester of my senior year in the BSW program, often I ask myself "Where am I now", as a person, student and an intern. As I embark on this journey to become a social worker I have grown tremendously from the start of this program until now. Originally, I had my mind set on become a nurse practitioner, often times life throws you a curve ball; due to my grade point average below my expectation I decided to explore other professional career and social work stole my heart. It was something about my introductory social work course that reassured that I was making the right decision choice, social work is recognized as helping profession and this is my primary goal to help others to better themselves and their current life situation. This paper will reflect on two strengths and weaknesses as a person, student, and intern.

Critical thinking is defined as thinking that is purposeful, reasonable, goal directed, and evaluation the outcome (Walsh, 2009). This is a strength that I have as a person, constantly I am always thinking of way to better my current life situation, for example I come from a family where getting an education was not the primary goal my mother, father and sister never obtain a high school diploma but I strived for better . I made a conscience decision to complete high school and matriculate to college because I knew that I did not want to work of low wages and living paycheck to paycheck; I constructed a plan which included working part-time and staying ahead in my studies. As a student critical thinking has definitely helped outcome many obstacles, in my previous statement because of critically thinking beyond my current life circumstance I was able to make it this far successful in t...

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...ound myself to become distance away from the clients family which could have shown an indication that I was not interested in their love one passing away. This was not the case I simply did not feel comfort but I had to remind myself that I was in a professional setting; I had to do my best and give support to the family during this difficult time.

In conclusion, by asking myself "where I am now," I am able to see that with time comes experience. I am excited to say that while I have weaknesses because I am human, I am able to address them so that I can strive to be a better person, student, and intern. My personal and professional strength swill allow me to become a successful social worker because I am able to think critically and communicate effectively. I will be able to assess my client’s need as well as reminding myself to take advantage of self-care practices.

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